Skinimalism: 3 Step Skin Routine You Need – Part 2 (Blog Series)

This is the second installment to the New Age Spa Institute’s blog series: Skinimalism, 3 Step Skin Routine You Need! Didn’t get a chance to read our first installment? Check it out here: Blog Series Part 1.

At this point, if you’ve been keeping up wit h our series, you know that skinimalism is the idea of maximizing skin health by simplifying skincare into less steps. Even if you’re short on time or on a budget, all you truly need for a solid skin routine is 3 steps. In short review, step 1 is to cleanse. Cleansing away the buildup of each day and night is the foundation to a well-rounded skin routine. New Age Spa Institute suggested cleansing with mild products and the thermasonic brush Revive for maximum results. Revive works by sonic vibrations that loosen up pores to release dirt, oil, and makeup residue.

Step 2 in any solid skincare routine should be: Moisturize!

If you can believe it, some people stop at step one. Following cleansing, moisturizing is key! Skipping on step 2 (moisturizing) can further aggravate pre-existing skin conditions and disorders. After cleansing, the skin is stripped of moisture and it’s important to add moisture back into the skin. Your skin needs moisturizing even if you have oily skin! Whether your skin type is dry, combination, or oily It’s so important to moisturize with the right ingredients.

In practice, skinimalism is the idea of combining ingredients with advanced modalities for professional results.

Inclusive devices that are multi-functional are great for your skin and your bank account because they make your skincare work its best magic possible. The use of an ultrasonic modality like Coterie Fresh ‘N Clear’s Love 2-in-1 sonic device is ideal for daily maximum moisture. Love can be used two distinct ways: deep cleansing and product penetration. For step 1, Revive was recommended for cleansing in our last blog post. For step 2, Love is perfect for pushing in the nourishing goodies your skin craves. It works by using sonic vibrations on top of the skin to tone and lift the skin and penetrate skincare products.

Bioelements professional skincare plays a great partner to advanced sonic modalities. We recommend Bioelements’ skin-type specific moisturizers: Beyond Hydration for oily skin, Absolute Moisture for combination skin, and Crucial Moisture for dry skin. These moisturizers contain a blend of ingredients that are perfectly balanced for individual skin types like ginseng, ceramides, and vitamin B5. They can also all be customized with custom blending serums to target specific skin conditions like acne and aging.

One of the key things behind adapting to a skincare routine is make it personal. Review with your esthetician different types of moisturizers and what hydration your skin type needs. Be on the look-out for moisturizing ingredients like the humectant Sodium Hyaluronate also known as Hyaluronic Acid.

Skinimalism takes the challenge and complication out of a solid skincare routine. Remember: Keep it simple. To some, complicated means tiring and expensive.

Stay tuned for Step 3 reveal! Meanwhile visit for more on Revive and Love.

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