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The World Standard for Beauty & Spa Therapy

What is CIDESCO?

Comité International d’Esthétique et de Cosmétologie 

Based in Switzerland and with more than 60 years of examinations and training, CIDESCO is the world’s premiere spa and beauty certifier.


The New Age Spa Institute is the only CIDESCO accredited school in Illinois!

Only 13 CIDESCO accredited schools in the USA!

- To promote Esthetics on an international basis
- To unite members on an international and national level
- To create recognized training centers at an international level around the world according to a CIDESCO training program that leads to the CIDESCO Examination and CIDESCO Diploma
- To promote the exchange of professional knowledge, new developments and information by organizing international congresses
- To represent the highest standard of education for the Field of Esthetics and Beauty Therapy

The International Link to the World of Beauty, Wellness & Spa Therapy

Why should I choose a CIDESCO accredited school?

It is a high honor for a school to offer CIDESCO classes. Only the best schools and finest facilities, with the highest level of education, are approved for CIDESCO. This high standard ensures that the CIDESCO certification remains the highest qualifying exam in the beauty industry.

We at The New Age Spa Institute, are the first and only Esthetics, Nail Technology, Makeup Artistry, and Massage School in the state of Illinois with full CIDESCO Accreditation which entitles us to offer students the opportunity of sitting for the CIDESCO International examination. When you are enrolled in our esthetics and CIDESCO program, you will work with qualified instructors in a state of the art school environment. Our school is proud to have not just one instructor that has a CIDESCO Diploma; we are the only school that currently has 5 instructors that have obtained CIDESCO Diplomas!

Benefits Of Cidesco

Why should I become a CIDESCO Diplomat?
The Highest Level of Education
A CIDESCO Diploma is the highest qualification in the esthetics industry, known by employers throughout the world. A CIDESCO graduate student is known to employers to be exceptionally prepared for any type of spa or beauty opportunity available. Whether it is facial treatments or body treatments, the CIDESCO program prepares students to work hands on, providing any number of services, from skin assessments and eyebrow tinting to massage and waxing. Remember in different countries, Beauty therapy is considered a full time 2 year program where you are able to obtain a degree. With a CIDESCO education, you will be at this same level of learning, and able to compete with global standards and expectations.
International Diploma
No matter your goals or career paths in this industry CIDESCO is the only all-inclusive education that will prepare you for work anywhere, internationally and nationally! Do you want to travel the world on a cruise ship? CIDESCO standards will be recognized and greatly benefit as you head into international waters. Wanting to stay closer to home? There are many skin care companies and international manufacturers that are based locally. They recognize the standard of CIDESCO and are searching for well qualified employees. Also, many International doctors and spas are aware of the benefits and high standards that being a CIDESCO Diplomat represents. They are more apt to hire someone with a CIDESCO Diploma because they know that they will be getting an employee with the best training available. In this competitive environment, where wellness, beauty, and health are all interconnected, you must stay ahead of the game! Employers are looking for therapists that are multi-licensed and have a broad, extensive education. With CIDESCO you will have that and much more!
More Opportunities On Your Career Path
There are so many opportunities in the Beauty Industry, and having a CIDESCO Diploma puts you ahead of the game. There is no higher standard, and CIDESCO is recognized by employers as the ultimate qualification. When you come out of the CIDESCO program and earn your Diploma, you get an instant head start in your career. Wherever you go and whatever position you pursue, your International CIDESCO Diploma will be an invaluable resource!
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Want to become a CIDESCO Diplomate?

At the New Age Spa Institute, estheticians have the opportunity to sit for the for CIDESCO International examination in order to become CIDESCO Diplomates. When you enroll in our CIDESCO program, you will get extensive hands-on training with CIDESCO Diplomate educators.

Looking to achieve a world class level of training? The CIDESCO International qualification is recognized worldwide.

As a potential graduate, you will be required by the organization to show proficiency with spa equipment and other electrical equipment. The New Age Spa Institute features state-of-the-art facilities and equipment to ensure you gain practical knowledge and experience.

International Accredited Centre

CIDESCO Examination

On completion of the course, students take the CIDESCO Examination which consists of:

Facial Practical Examination
Body Practical Examination
Written MCQ Examination
Clinical Case Study

For estheticians and recent graduates of the esthetics program at The New Age Spa Institute.

CIDESCO Curriculum

A CIDESCO curriculum includes a program consisting of 450 clock hours (in addition to 750 hours of an esthetics course).

  • Definition of Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathology and their relationship to Massage. Medical terminology
  • The Cell
  • The Tissue level of organization
  • Skeletal System:
    1. Axial Division
    2. Appendicular Division
  • Joints and Ligaments
    1. Part 1
    2. Part 2
  • Bone Disorders
  • The Muscular System:
    1. Introduction to the Muscular System.
    2. Muscles of the Vertebral column.
    3. Muscles of the back.
    4. Muscles of the Vertebral column (of the back).
    5. Muscles of the Pectoral Girdle.
    6. Muscles that move the forearm and hand.
    7. Muscles that move the hand and fingers.
    8. The Blood supply and innervations of the upper extremities.
    9. Muscles of the Pelvic Girdle and Lower Limbs.
    10. Muscles that move the leg and muscles that move the foot and toes.
    11. Muscles of the head, neck, stomach.

- The Nervous System with pathology
- The Senses The Endocrine System with pathology
The Circulatory System with pathology
- The Lymphatic & Immune systems with pathology
- The Respiratory & Digestive systems with pathology
- The Reproductive & Urinary systems with pathology
- The Integumentary System with pathology All material overview

  • Mechanical massage.
  • G5 or similar.
  • Electrical Muscle Stimulation – Faradic Type or similar for body work
  • Figure analysis:
    • Endomorph
    • Mesomorph
    • Ectomorph
  • Methods of recording treatment information (facial, body treatment, body massage) on the CIDESCO analysis sheet
  • Eyebrow and eyelash tinting.
  • Classification, understanding, and description of massage movements.
  • Application of massage techniques.
  • Procedures for a complete Swedish full-body massage.
  • Effects, benefits, indications, and contraindications of massage.
  • Structure and functions of nails.
  • Nail disorders and diseases.
  • Nail terminology, contraindications for manicure and pedicure.
  • Nail products.
  • Implements and preparation for manicure and pedicure.
  • Overview of the whole material, written test.
  • Manicure procedure
  • Pedicure procedure
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