Education for every kind of learner.

At The New Age Spa Institute, we make sure that you are in YOUR best learning environment. The curriculum at NASI is designed to target education for every kind of learner.

By breaking most classes down into Theory, Demonstration, and Hands-on practice sections, you are able to Hear, See, and Perform what you learn to better help you retain the information.

Since students in all of our programs come from many different backgrounds and range from 18 years old to 65 years old – our curriculum and teaching style is as varied as our student body.

The maximum class size is 16 students with the intention to address you individually throughout all levels of training, from the ground up. We invest our energy into structured class environments with effective student to instructor ratios. All of our license programs include student kits filled with textbooks, professional products, PPE (personal protection equipment), and NASI school gear.

From day 1, you’ll emerge with valuable, practical information that will transform your life, and help you achieve your career goals.

If you want to experience a class firsthand, you can schedule a Student for the Day appointment where you are able to sit in a class that is currently in session.

To get more information on our classes, call us today at 847.759.0900 to get started.

Scholarships Available