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Financial Assistance

How To Cover Cost? Financial Assistance

How To Cover Cost: Your Scholarship & Financial Options

We strive to make every student’s goal of attending at New Age Spa Institute a reality.

Our Programs Are Inclusive.


This means there are no hidden fees or extra charges even though you graduate with advanced certifications, receive all your textbooks, and get a full student kit!

There are many different ways to pay for school. Below are some examples of ways to pay that are accepted by NASI.

New Age Spa Institute does not accept Federal Funding (FAFSA).

In House Payment Programs
We offer our students 0% interest monthly payment plans. Pay as you attend school and work towards your license.
Military Educational Benefits
NASI is approved to accept GI Bill education benefits by the Illinois State Approving Agency from veterans and eligible people. If you or your spouse is active duty or veterans or you are a child of veteran or active military personnel you may qualify to have up to 100% of school paid for.
Scholarship Opportunities
We can accept any scholarships that are non-FAFSA (no Stafford loans or Pell Grants). New Age Spa Institute also has thousands of dollars in internal scholarships for students who apply to our programs.
Employer Tuition Assistance
Many companies provide tuition benefits to their employees. Check with your company’s Human Resources Department to see if there is tuition assistance available.
Multi-program discount
Students who do more than one program at New Age Spa Institute can receive up to a $1000 discount on their next program (depending on the course).
Trade Unions
If your parents or spouse is a member of a trade union additional loan or funding options may be available.
Personal Loans
If you have a good credit score and would like to take out a personal loan for school, we work directly with a few banks and can help you get funding for all or part of tuition.
If you are currently receiving unemployment benefits, you may be eligible to receive a Workforce Investment Act grant. This program was created to help men and women receive training while unemployed. For more information visit Illinois Workforce Development.
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