Skinimalism: 3 Step Skin Routine You Need – Part 3 (Blog Series)

It’s the FINALE!

Can you simplify your routine while maximizing your results? YES. Why not save time, money, and energy too?

Skinimalism is the ideal step-by-step for beginners venturing into the skincare world. For those who think they’ve got their routine down, it’s the perfect “refresh button” for skin that’s overloaded and overwhelmed with too much. Less is more, and it’s time you read all about it in our next blog!

This blog marks the finale in our Skinimalism Blog Series! Refresh yourself with the importance of steps 1 and 2 here:  

A quick recap: Skinimalism is the idea of maximizing skin health by simplifying skincare into fewer steps. In fact, the New Age Spa Institute has condensed a well-rounded skin routine into 3 easy yet powerhouse steps that are universal and inclusive for everyone.

In our first blog, we discussed the importance of step 1, Cleanse. Daily and nightly cleansing provides a clean canvas for your skin to self-heal, self-rejuvenate, and provide a clear pathway for your skincare. We next turned to the value of step 2, Moisturize. Enough can’t be said about well-moisturized skin. Hydrated, nourished skin absorbs skincare by a whopping 70% more!

Last but not least, we’ll discuss step what perhaps is the most overlooked and underhyped anti-aging skincare step.

Step 3 is: Protect!

SPF is an acronym for Sun Protection Factor, and this product provides protection from the sun. Broad-spectrum SPFs specifically block both harmful UVA and UVB rays. Due to environmental and atmospheric changes, the sun’s intensity is higher than ever, which makes protecting our skin a high priority. A common question is: My cosmetic (foundation, moisturizer) says it has SPF; is this good enough? And the answer is not simple because you need to factor in the type of SPF ingredients, the percentage of those ingredients in the product, and how often you reapply. As you can see, this is all subjective to the type of product you use. So, where do you begin so you find the perfect SPF for yourself? Our advice is to look for a good sun protector with the following characteristics:

  • Broad-spectrum: This protects against both UVA and UVB rays.
  • Iron Oxides: This protects against Blue Light, also known as High-Energy Volume light.
  • Zinc Oxide and/or Titanium Dioxide: These mineral ingredients are considered the only GRASE (Generally Recognized As Safe) SPF ingredients. Anything between 15% to 25% of either ingredient is recommended.
  • Chemical sunscreens provide superior protection from UV rays compared to mineral ingredients; however, their strength may cause skin allergies or dermatitis (rash).

Another helpful tip is to layer up on the sunscreen and reapply every few hours, especially if out in the sun for long periods. Also, if you’re using a moisturizer with SPF, you need to add another layer. Each layer increases the protection of your skin and prevents sun damage.

And there you have it: Skinimalism in just three steps! Simple does not mean ineffective, and as the saying goes, “Less is more.” Who knows? This may be the refreshing direction that takes your skin to the next level. Understanding the value of each step is key.

And finally: Make it FUN! Yes, routines can be fun. Turn on your favorite song, play a beauty podcast in the background. Text your esthetician a sheet-mask selfie! Use a sonic facial device to add in the feeling of a “mini-massage” to your at-home spa experience. Just look at how relaxed our model is.

Celebrate the routine because you chose to put yourself first (at least for a few moments) amid the chaos of a crazy busy day. Skinimalism is calling! And New Age Spa Institute is answering. Will you?

Looking for a sonic modality to up the efficacy of your steps, we recommend devices from Coterie Fresh ‘N Clear. A line of sonic devices designed and approved by estheticians for those who want to take their at-home routine to the next level. Check them out here:

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