Skinimalism: 3-Step Skin Routine You Need (Blog Series)

Sometimes less is more! Let’s be honest, when a home skincare routine involves more than a handful of steps it can get complicated. To many, complicated means expensive. Instead of scaring away from investing in yourself, keep it simple with a well-rounded routine.

The ease of skinimalism may be what takes your skin to the next level. 

With an emphasis on education and progress, the New Age Spa Institute’s esthetics curriculum brings into focus skinimalismThe idea of skinimalismaddresses various skin needs while simplifying or combining the steps.  Most people use skin care products to have healthier-looking skin, and the fact is that this isn’t automatically achieved by using more products. It’s important to know how to combine quality products with advanced at-home spa devices into fewer steps. All you need is 3 steps! We’ll discuss each step thoroughly in this 3-part blog series.

The first step in any solid skincare routine should be: Cleanse.
Many may be surprised by the difference consistent and effective cleansing can make to the health of the skin. The New Age Spa Institutes recommends cleansing at least twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. Throughout the day dirt, oils, and even pollution collect on the surface of our skin. Proper makeup removal and deep cleanse are necessary to maintain a clear, fresh complexion. Some mildcleanser recommendations that professionals recommend, and clients love are: 
  • Bioelement’s Decongestant, a gel cleanser for oily skin types.
  • Bioelement’s  Moisture Positive, a cream cleanser for dry skin types.

These cleansers are mild and designed for daily use. Cleansing with a professional spa device, like the thermalsonic Revive from Coterie Fresh ‘N Clear, can add another dimension to anyone’s cleansing step. Revive allows you to work with multiple skincare products: cleansers, serums, lotions, etc. The key to skinimalism and this not-so-secret three-step routine is combining advanced ingredients with advanced modalities.
Stay tuned for Step 2 reveal! Meanwhile visit for more on Revive
and how it can elevate the simplicity of youthful, healthy skin.
What do you think is the next step your skin can’t live without?


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