Skills You’ll Need to Work as Your Own Beauty Boss

Do you want to be your own boss? If you’re a future makeup artist who wants to freelance or have your own business, take a look at the skills you’ll need to succeed.

Technical Skills

Technical skills are the basis for your career success. Without a solid foundation in the fundamentals of skincare and makeup application, you aren’t likely to go far. Luckily, you can build your skill-set and create a standout resume in a certificate or certification program.

These programs provide new makeup artists with the basics they’ll need to work in a variety of environments — including for themselves. Even though your career goals may not include working for another company, as a freelance artist or self-employed proprietor, you’ll still need to score clients.

Whether you freelance for magazines, salons, or anywhere else, you need solid technical skills. Along with the basics that any makeup artist would have, additional abilities or certifications can set you apart from other freelancers/business owners and give you an edge.

Additional Beauty Skills

While a certification in makeup artistry is a solid start, it isn’t the end of your technical training. Advanced training classes and programs in specialized makeup application, esthetics, nail technology, or eyelash extension application can boost your resume and set you apart from other artists.

Ideally, the more skills you have, the better. But it isn’t always possible or feasible to take multiple extra training programs or courses. If time isn’t on your side, choose the additional skills that make the most sense in terms of your future freelance or business career goals.

If you want to only apply makeup, an eyelash extension certification is a choice to seriously consider. But if you want to provide a full-service menu for bridal or special events clients, skincare and nail art skills may come in handy.

Organizational Skills

Even though you need technical beauty skills, as a freelancer or business owner, you’ll also need exceptional organizational abilities.

Why are organizational skills important for beauty freelancers or business owners? Without the benefit of a traditional employer, you’ll need to set your own schedule. This means you may have to balance multiple clients, along with all your other business-related duties.

Time Management Skills

Time management often goes hand-in-hand with organizational abilities. As a freelancer or beauty business owner you won’t only have to balance your scheduling g needs, you’ll also need to know how to plan for multiple clients and create a stress-free day.

Without effective time-management skills you could overbook yourself, arrive to appointments late, or miss product deliveries/pick-ups. Unlike technical skills, time-management skills aren’t something you’ll learn in school. But that doesn’t mean school can’t help you to develop these abilities.

As you progress through industry-related courses, you’ll need to manage your training schedule, budget for study times, and strategize the best ways to get to class or exams on time. After you complete your certification, you can translate these valuable skills into the workplace.

Sales Skills

Whether you’re a freelancer or choose to start your own business, you need to sell your makeup artistry skills to clients and potential customers. Unlike a traditional salon job, you won’t only need to make it through one interview.

Even though freelancing or owning your own business provides plenty of freedom and flexibility, these types of work situations require you to constantly sell your abilities and services. If future clients don’t see the value of your artistry, they won’t hire you.

Like organizational and time management skills, sales isn’t something you’ll learn in school. Some makeup artists are natural salespeople. If you’re not, this is a skill you’ll need to refine as you build your business.

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