Benefits of Working as an Esthetician for Military Spouses

An esthetician certificate program can lead to a promising career for anyone, but this is an especially good endeavor for spouses of military personnel. If your partner actively serves in the armed forces, here’s why work as an esthetician could be an excellent career path for you.

Job Potential is Good Now and in the Future

An esthetician program prepares you for work as a skincare specialist, which is a field with good potential. The field has opportunities both now and in the future, and there’s potential to earn a good wage in this line of work.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there were 71,800 skincare specialist jobs in 2018 and the field is expected to grow 11 percent through 2028. The median pay is 15.05 per hour, which works out to more than $30,000 a year if you work full time. Of course, many estheticians are able to earn more than the median.

For perspective, a $30,000 annual salary is more than the basic pay for an E-4 service member who has three years of experience. While military personnel receive additional compensation depending on their service and activity, matching the base compensation for an enlisted member who has three years of experience is respectable.

Good potential alone doesn’t necessarily make esthetician work a great choice for military spouses, but it’s certainly a prerequisite. Before any other factors can be considered, you must first consider job placement and salary potential. The field meets these criteria.

Jobs Are Available Domestically and Internationally

One of the most career considerations that military spouses must take into account is where jobs are located, for they must be able to find a new job anywhere their enlisted spouse is stationed. Work as an esthetician within the skincare specialist field offers the location flexibility that you need if your partner is in a service branch.

Estheticians are gainfully employed in most states (complete data from Vermont and Delaware aren’t available), and a fair number of states have an especially high number of them. This means that most anywhere your spouse might be sent within the United States, you’ll likely have job opportunities in the area.

National data like this doesn’t always extrapolate to the international job market, but there’s still good reason to believe you can find work even if your spouse is sent overseas for a prolonged duration. Estheticians have plenty of opportunities to travel and work internationally. 

Non-Traditional Hours Are an Option

As for when you’ll work as an esthetician, there’s also a lot of flexibility in this area. Although most estheticians work full-time, you may be able to find a part-time position or be self-employed. 

Additionally, even those who work full-time don’t necessarily keep standard office hours. Because of the nature of this service, employees are needed when people are able to schedule appointments. As a result, many skincare specialists work evenings and weekends.

With evening and weekend work available, you can look for a schedule that more closely matches that of your partner. If they have drills during non-business hours, you can find a job that will schedule most of your work during the same hours. This way, the two of you can spend more time together when your partner is home.

If you decide to pursue the self-employed route, your flexibility becomes even greater. You can fill up days and weekends when your partner is off working for extended periods of time, and then you can keep days they’ll be home completely free. 

To learn more about an esthetician program, contact New Age Spa Institute, Inc. for information about upcoming courses.

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