Retinoids vs. Bakuchiol: What’s the difference?

A family of vitamin A derivatives, retinoids fall into two categories: Prescription and over the counter. Prescription strength (Rx) retinoids come in smaller percentages but are much stronger. Rx retinoids like Retin-A and Tretinoin come in the form of vitamin A called retinoic acid.

Retinoic acid is the magic behind the efficacy of retinoids and are commonly prescribed to treat moderate to severe clinical grade acne, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and rough texture concerns.

OTC retinoids come in larger percentages but aren’t as strong as Rx because the active ingredients take time to convert to retinoic acid when applied to the skin. OTC retinoids like retinol and retinaldehyde are also helpful in approving the appearance of fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and acne.

Though many believe that it’s necessary to use the strongest Rx retinoids (prescription), the reality is that OTCs used daily in combination with other supportive ingredients can also give amazing benefits.

It’s important to understand that skin can become easily sensitized with over-use of retinoids. Sensitized skin may appear as a combination of redness, blotchiness. Irritation, breakouts, peeling, and flaking. Much research has been done in the hopes of finding a retinol alternative that is gentle yet delivers results. Bakuchiol is the answer!

Bakuchiol is hailed as the natural retinol. Results of clinical studies revealed that, in contrast to retinol, bakuchiol demonstrated high antioxidant efficacy, and increased epidermis (skin) regeneration and wound healing. In fact, bakuchiol shares many features with retinol minus the sensitizing reactions. The bakuchiol ingredient has shown in clinical studies to aid with acne, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and psoriasis.

For all your topical anti-aging treatment needs, the New Age Spa Institute makes the following recommendations.

Eye Revive Crème (Coterie Fresh ‘N Clear)

Revive your eyes with this pharmaceutical grade eye crème is suitable for all skin types, concerns, and even sensitive skin. It pairs great with surgical eye procedures and injectables (reduce bruising). It can be used 7 days a week, morning and evening. So many supportive ingredients in this product that help offset any potential irritation from the retinol. For example, vitamin K, arnica, collagen peptides, and niacinamide. Reduce discoloration, puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles, and bruising with this special treatment.



Time-Sensitive Serum (Bioelements)

This multi-benefit serum is retinol-free complete with bakuchiol, peptides, and deep hydrators. This serum does is all without irritation. Helps protect and nourish the skin barrier while improving texture, uneven tone, pore size, and more. It’s created for all skin types, especially sensitive delicate skin.

The New Age Spa Institute has an extensive inventory of professional skincare products (Bioelements, Coterie Fresh ‘N Clear, Lifeline Pro Plus, Voesh, etc.), and makeup (Inglot Cosmetics). Eye Revive Crème and Time-Sensitive Serum are in limited stock and available for purchase. Stop by our location in Des Plaines Illinois during our regular business hours. Mention this blog and receive a 20% discount off retail purchases on Eye Revive Crème and/or Time-Sensitive Serum. No phone orders accepted; must purchase in person. We hope to see you soon!








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