Forefront of Regenerative Aesthetics: New Age Spa Institute Education

Can we all agree that time zooms by the last two months of the year?

In the midst of the season, we finalize holiday plans, celebrate with loved ones, and prepare for the upcoming year’s goals. As 2022 nears its end, many attempt to fit in some form of reflection of the past year’s wins and learning experiences. Our elite educators at NASI are no different. And, oh has our team been busy!


Founder owner, and leading School Director Monika Machej believes in quality education with competitive pricing for professionals driven to succeed in a booming, respected field. As a woman owned and women operated business, New Age Spa Institute strives to be synonymous with innovation, passion, and discovery. To that effect, NASI sent staff delegates to the 18th Annual American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine Congress (AAAM) to sunny Long Beach, California. The theme of this year’s congress was “Revolutionary Modern Aesthetic Medicine: Novel and Personalized Approaches”.

AAAM promotes and teaches the clinical science of regenerative aesthetics medicine. Tied to the International Union of Aesthetic Medicine (UIME), speakers and delegates traveled from as far as Asia, Europe, India, and Australia, and some close to home like Florida, New York, and even Chicago! AAAM extends membership to thousands of members across the globe including doctors from various specialties: Aesthetic Medicine, Dermatology, Plastic Surgery, Reconstructive Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery, Internal Medicine, and many others.

After three days of intense classes presented by leading physicians, Anna Goryca-Johnson [Director of Education] says, “I’m super excited to incorporate new information in advanced aesthetics classes at NASI!”

This is why #NASIeducation believes that when our instructors participate in conferences, it’s like our students do too! The internationally qualified teachers at the esthetics training center, New Age Spa Institute, blend the latest innovations and trending topics into their daily lesson plans.

Bianca Rojas, CIDESCO Diplomate educator, expresses her excitement following a PDO thread demo by MINT, “I find the collagenesis aspect of PDO threads fascinating because it’s something that works with our skin’s own natural mechanisms of healing.”

Taught by CIDESCO accredited educators, our students and alumni graduates lead their careers with a solid and extensive knowledge base. At NASI, we know that beauty and wellness licensed professionals play a vital role in advancing the aesthetic specialty and comprehending topics like Neurotoxin Modulators and PDO threads are necessary for paramedical estheticians.

Some notable classes that our NASI delegates attended at AAAMC were:

  • Marketing Management Certification Program (for Aesthetic Clinic Owners and Clinic Mangers); Manon Pilon Renowned Author, Speaker, International Educator, and Spa/Medspa Consultant, Canada
  • Melasma and Tranexamic Acid – What’s New? Dr. Marcelo Suarez, Anti-Aging and Aesthetic Medicine, Chicago, IL, USA
  • Beauty Concepts and Facial Proportions as a Guideline for More Beautiful Injection; Dr. Nadine Hamada, Dermatology, Egypt
  • Non-surgical rhinoplasty Focusing on Safe Injection Techniques; Dr. Steven Hopping, Plastic Surgery, Washington DC, USA
  • Therapeutic Applications of Cannabinoids in Aesthetic Medicine; Dr. Sandra Carrillo, Aesthetic Medicine, Panama
  • Aesthetic Indications of Energy-based Devices on Dark Skin; Dr. Unnati Desai, London, United Kingdom
  • Skincare and Pregnancy; Dr. Omnia Samra-Latif, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Hamilton, NJ, USA #AAAMInternationsl

We are feeling inspired for 2023 license renewal season for all Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and other Midwest areas estheticians and cosmetologists. Lots of new classes, programs, and events to come. Are you excited yet?! Remember NASI grads, you receive an additional 20% off all continuing education for life!

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