Dual licensing, is it worth it to invest?

Dual Licensing: Two is Better than One

It’s common knowledge that the more you learn, the more you are likely to earn. It does not matter what field you choose to pursue, the higher your level of education or expertise, the more doors will open for you.

Esthetic professionals are turning toward dual licensing options and expanding their education beyond one specialty. Dually licensed professionals are given endless opportunities to not only grow their customer base but have a better understanding of the beauty industry and a higher chance at starting their own business. A dual license impacts the relationship with clients and maximizes earnings with a salon or spa.

When you are dually licensed, you have that competitive edge. You can jump in where help is needed. Imagine, having a client walk in hoping to get a massage and you having to turn them away because all the massage therapists are booked. With a dual certificate, you can provide the service for that client on the spot.

Trying to figure out what specialty to pursue? Why choose just one? Already a licensed massage therapist, consider getting your nail tech certification and be more in demand when looking for a new career.

At NASI, we offer programs that will fit your need and busy schedule. Call us today and start your to better serve your customers, and of course, make more money.

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