A4M – Spring Conference

What an exciting Spring thus far!

Our team of elite educators kicked off the season with an event led by the Metabolic Medical Institute, a branch of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M), and WOW!

The A4M 30th Annual World Congress and Exhibition in Hollywood, Florida delivered educational curriculum led by multidisciplinary clinicians and industry leaders. Topics covered included: Women’s Health, aesthetic medicine and lasers, genomics and genetic testing, advanced facial sculpting with Botox, and so much more!

The New Age Spa Institute’s values of passion and discovery are grounded in our mission of excellence in education. At NASI, we progress with the knowledge that in order to continue delivering excellent, quality education, we need to invest in our team of educators. NASI instructors are consistently dedicated to staying current to new developments in the beauty and wellness industry. Through national and global networking at congresses like this one, we’ve adopted a variety of educational resources. Resources, that we are proud to deliver back to our growing community in Des Plaines, to enhance learning experiences crafted with a beauty and wellness career in mind.

Our esthetics program’s advanced curriculum focuses on preparing students for a clinical setting, whether in the salon, spa, med-spa, educational division, or a worldwide platform. We are eager to convey all this valuable, practical clinical knowledge to our students, alumni and professionals seeking continuing education.

The power of education is transformative.

Read on for a sneak peak into the wealth of knowledge of our curriculum.

Would it interest you to know that only 5 – 20% of the aging process has to do with our genes? The rest has to do with how we treat our bodies and our skin. At NASI, we’ll help you put your Best Face Forward!

Our educators learned from clinical study findings published in the British Journal of Cosmetic Science, that researchers are evaluating the distinct connection between skin surface pH and wrinkle formulation directly related to aging. Findings proved that wrinkle length and depth were significantly decreased as skin surface pH became more acidic (less than 7 pH).

NASI’s CIDESCO Diplomate’s were excited to have learned from industry experts of The International Journal of Cosmetic Science Ingredients. New studies show that the latest cosmeceuticals hitting the market with the most common ingredients in personal care disrupt the natural barrier. These ingredients include sulphates, benzoyl peroxide, chlorine, exfoliants, and silicones.

We have so much more to teach you! Most importantly, we cannot wait to set you up for success in the career of your dreams. Stay tuned for future updates because haven’t you heard?


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