4 Ways to Make Salon Clients Feel More Comfortable

Spas and salons are more than just places to get necessary grooming taken care of. They should also be places of relaxation, rejuvenation, and comfort. But a salon owner or esthetician can’t simply assume that their clients will arrive relaxed and leave comforted. Part of your job is to ensure these things through your own actions.

How can you keep clients more comfortable and relaxed? Here are a few key ways.

1. Talk With the Client First

When possible, chat with your client before you begin any treatment or service. Ask what brings them to your salon and what they want to accomplish. Discuss their home care routines and what they like to do or like to avoid. This information will be valuable for determining what treatments to choose and how much follow-up the client will realistically do.

Use this opportunity to better understand what the client expects (or worries about) and what motivates them. Gauge their experience level with various products or treatments. For example, ask a client if they’ve had a facial before. What were their other experiences? What type of treatment do they enjoy? What results do they want?

This information will help guide your services and make sure you don’t use any products or do anything they don’t want.

2. Let People Know What’s Happening

An uncertain client often feels reassured if they understand what to expect. Take the time to explain the process of whatever service you’re about to perform. Let them know what they will feel or experience. And make your professionalism clear.

This is especially important when offering personal services like waxing, spray tans, or massages — situations where many people are hesitant. But even with relatively common services like pedicures, recapping what will occur allows everyone to be on the same page. If a client is anxious about a certain step or is sensitive about a body part, reassure them in advance or offer to adjust your process to avoid any embarrassment.

3. Judge Their Interest in Chatting

Relaxing conversation can help take people’s minds off both their worries and any anxiety they may have about the treatment. But each client will vary when it comes to how much they want to chat.

There is no easy formula to determine how much you should talk or refrain from talking, so be flexible and let them set the tone. If the client initiates conversation, go with it. Keep conversation about them and veer away from any sensitive topics.

If the client seems quiet, test the waters with a few casual questions. A general question about their day is a good conversation starter without being too nosy. If they seem reluctant to talk about themselves, don’t keep pressing. Even if you’re uncomfortable with silence, this time should be about the client’s comfort.

4. Add Luxurious Touches

Don’t skimp on creating a relaxing atmosphere throughout your business. This doesn’t always require huge expenditures. Small touches can make a big impression. You might, for instance, offer head rests with cooling gels for massage clients. Ask what scents your client likes and use products with these, or light a candle or two in their area. Or play soft, relaxing music at a comfortable background volume.

If you take your time when getting to know a client and let them know what to expect, you’ll set a good tone for a relaxed visit. Follow up on this by creating a comfortable atmosphere and providing just the right amount of cozy conversation. The result will be clients who enjoy their visits and want to come back again.

For more ideas on creating just the right salon experience, contact us. At New Age Spa Institute, our experienced salon professionals are ready to help. From education for new estheticians to classes designed to build on what you know, we can help you continue to improve and build client retention. Call today to learn more about our services.

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