12 K Esthetics Scholarship for 12 Years of Excellence!

Sponsored by the New Age Spa Institute and Bioelements Skin Care

Apply today to receive $12,000 tuition valid towards full-time or part-time esthetics programs starting in September 2019.

In 2019 we are celebrating 12 years of Educational Excellence and are providing ONE Lucky Winner with a Scholarship (Value: $12,000)!

Learn More, Earn More!

If you are a 2019 high school graduate or a single parent (mother or father), you are eligible to WIN the scholarship prize and study at the most elite school of esthetics: the New Age Spa Institute!

Scholarship includes:

$12,000 tuition for either full-time or part-time esthetics programs starting in September 2019. You’ll receive:

  • A student Kit
  • Books and workbooks
  • Advanced Certifications, including Professional Makeup Artistry and Clinical Aesthetics.

12 Years, 12 K Scholarship Policies

  1. The new 12 Years, 12 K Scholarship is open to any 2019 US high school student that has graduated prior to the application due date (July 18, 2019). The candidate must show proof of high school diploma.
  2. The new 12 Years, 12 K Scholarship is open to any single parent (mother/father) that meets the following income criteria (2018 income tax is required). Income for single parent mother/ father cannot exceed: 1 child: $1,920 per month, 2 children: $2,282 per month, 3 children: $2,680 per month, 4 + children: $3120 per month.
  3. Applicants must have a valid Illinois Driver’s license and Social Security card.
  4. Applicants must include their resume, which should highlight their work/education timeline for the past 5 years, including current employment and/or programs they are currently enrolled in.
  5. Applicants must include a professional letter of recommendation.
  6. Applicants must include a 1000-word, detailed essay describing their passion for the industry of esthetics, and the reasons they want to pursue this profession.
  7. All personal statements, resumes, and letters of recommendation must be typed in order to be considered.
  8. Only one winner will be chosen by designated members of the Board of Admissions who are representatives from the New Age Spa Institute, Bioelements Skin Care, and USA CIDESCO.
  9. The scholarship is awarded on the basis of need, quality of the application, and the supporting paperwork.
  10. Funds must be utilized solely for the educational opportunity specified by the rules: no exceptions will be allowed. Any change must be brought to the attention of the members of the Board of Admissions.
  11. The winner will receive $12,000 tuition credit
  12. The winner is responsible for remaining enrollment tuition and fees.
  13. Failure to complete attendance for a course will result in forfeiture of the award.
  14. In case of dropping the program, the funds are not transferable towards another applicant/student or a different program.
  15. The funds are not to be utilized in form of cash payments.
  16. If selected for a scholarship, the winner will be required to submit written testimonials or personal statements on how the scholarship has improved their life.
  17. If selected for a scholarship, the winner will be required to utilize social media platforms as a form of promotion for their education and the New Age Spa Institute throughout the course.
  18. Winner must attend an “Award Winning Ceremony” and consent to social media postings with their likeness and personal testimonials as promotional materials to be used in perpetuity to the New Age Spa Institute, Bioelements, and USA CIDESCO.
  19.  All applications must be received for consideration by July 18, 2019. No exceptions. Apply by scheduling an appointment with our advisory team; before you do, please review the Applicant Checklist to ensure you have all the proper materials available.

12 Years, 12 K  Esthetics Scholarship Applicant Checklist

Before scheduling your appointment to meet with the members of our Board of Admissions, please have the following paperwork ready:

• A copy of your  Driver’s license or ID  and Social Security card.
• Resume highlighting your work/school experience; must be typed.
• Copy of your high school diploma.
• A 1000-word essay on why you want to pursue a career in esthetics; must be typed.
• At least one professional letter of recommendation. All letters should state the relationship to the applicant. All letters must be typed.
• 2018 Income Tax Return.
• Letter of aspiration, on how you plan to grow in your new career and inspire others; must be typed.
Applications must be received by July 18, 2019.



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