Skin Brightening vs Skin Lightening: What’s What?

What is Skin Brightening?
Skin brightening is not about taking your skin to lighter, whiter shades – instead, it’s all about transforming dull, tired, and sluggish-looking skin into a fresh, radiant and glowing skin. Products containing light fruit acids will allow your skin to produce a “natural” glow.
What is Skin Lightening?
Not everyone wants a lighter skin, but pretty much everyone finds brightened skin attractive.  Lightening of the skin is an exception when it comes to hyperpigmentation issues, like post-acne dark spots, age spots, and sun damage – in these cases, skin trauma has caused too much pigment to be released, causing dark spots that most people are all too happy to be rid of. And that’s just one of the things that skin lightening promises. Products containing tyrosine-inhibitors (such as kojic acid, arbutin or azaleic acid) will lighten skin’s pigmentation.
Whether you’re using lightning or brightening products, SPF application is needed on a daily basis.
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