NASI’s doors are open to students with Dyslexia

New Age Spa Institute wants to bring awareness to this condition simply because we know that we can help those suffering form it. If you want to achieve a goal of getting a great career, yet you are afraid that you’re unable to study or retain the information, New Age Spa Institute might be the place for you.

Dyslexia is a specific learning disability in reading, and often spelling. It is a neurological condition with no current cure. People who have Dyslexia are neither more nor less intelligent than the average person.

According to the University of Michigan, it is estimated that up to 17 percent of the population has Dyslexia. People who deal with the condition at times feel discouraged to pursue higher education, settling for random jobs that aren’t fulfilling. It’s a known fact that those with Dyslexia, no matter what age, learn better through visual and hands-on activities.

At NASI, individuals with Dyslexia are encouraged to apply for any of the programs offered.

“We work with students that deal with Dyslexia,” said Monika Machej, president and CEO of NASI. “Some of these students who can’t find a place to fit in, either in college or corporate world, turn out to be excellent with technical skills like esthetics or massage therapy.”

Dyslexic students excel in this type of environment because many of the classes are highly visual, with hands-on activities, live demonstrations and observations. Students are learning by seeing, touching and experimenting on clients and one another.

Over the last 11 years, NASI instructors have worked with students who were diagnosed with Dyslexia and to date, all have passed the state board, are licensed and doing what they love in the beauty industry.

“Our instructors give every student individual attention,” Machej said. “That is why our program is highly rated in the state. We want all our students to succeed and we help them reach their goals, no matter what barrier stands in their way.”

NASI offers certification in esthetics, accelerated esthetics for medical setting, massage therapy, makeup artistry and nail technology. As the first and only esthetics, nail technology, massage therapy and makeup artistry school in the state with full CIDESCO Accreditation, NASI offers all students the opportunity of realizing their career goals. Students get the best and most affordable experience, with individualized attention and assistants from professionals in the industry. New Age Spa Institute is proud to help students with dyslexia reach their career goals.

For more information visit or call (847) 759-0900. Don’t let obstacles, or the fear of failure stand in the way. NASI is there to help you succeed and reach your goals.

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