Modern Technologies & Alternatives in Esthetics

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  • Estheticians
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  • Cosmetologists
  • Cosmetology Instructors


Modern Technologies & Alternatives in Esthetics

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Continuing Education Units: 5

From ingredient-driven skincare products, new professional tools and at-home beauty devices, the field of esthetics continues to advance as our clients request more in-depth analysis of their skin conditions, including understanding causes and preventative measures. In this class you will learn how to recognize valuable information that adds profit to your practice. This will allow you, the licensed professional, to offer treatments and solutions that are new, innovative, and meet the expectations of savvy modern beauty clients. Among many topics, this class will review advanced skin physiology, four main aging factors, and SPF formulation and HEV skin protection. You will learn about the most pressing skincare topics your clients are concerned with and how to guide them into successful treatments


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10 Weeks