Coach Your Student Into a Successful Professional

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Main goals are to teach teachers a communicative approach, and how it is applicable in the creation of successful students and future professionals.

  • Teaching methodologies
  • Classroom exercise
  • Various approach to full-time vs part-time student
  • Attitude vs learning disorder
  • Mature adult student vs young teenage student
TBD Online Class 10 $179


Coach Your Student Into a Successful Professional Course Chicago, IL

Esthetician School | Nail School | Makeup School | Massage School

This class focuses on various teaching methods, and various approaches aimed at successfully creating strong and independent students.
This includes student-centered and teacher-centered instructional strategies as well as the broader curriculum framework that makes these strategies meaningful. This course offers a foundation in approaches, methods, and materials with the main focus on utilizing those methods for teaching in vocational schools and trade schools. Understanding various adult student backgrounds as well as their learning abilities will be covered as part of the class.

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10 Hours