Beauty Boss Wisdom

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Do you struggle with scaling your beauty business? Entrepreneurship is a dynamic journey and now is the time to enhance your professional image, and effectively market your services to attract and retain clients. As Millennials and Gen-Z consumers continue to drive spending growth in the aesthetics industry, discover how these younger demographics present significant business growth opportunities.

01/16/2024 9:30am – 3:30pm 5 $129


Establish a strong business foundation, revive your tired marketing strategies, and enjoy a learning environment with live engagement and interactive discussions. You will be equipped with business skills, analytical tools, and the reassured confidence of a “Beauty Boss.”

You will learn:

  • Creating a memorable brand identity and an effective “elevator pitch”
  • Importance and key points of a business plan
  • Setting realistic goals and objectives
  • Mastering the art of selling in the beauty industry
  • Key Performance Indicators for Beauty Businesses
  • Promoting your business through traditional and digital channels
  • Leveraging social media platforms for maximum impact
  • Top current trending skincare and beauty-related topics and treatments