Navigating Modern Nail Chemistry

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This is an approved nail art design course for:

·         Nail Technicians

·         Nail Technology Instructors

·         Cosmetologists

·         Cosmetology Instructors


In the State of IL, licensed professionals are only allowed to do half of their renewal hours in Online Courses, the rest of the hours the student MUST be present in a class on the school campus.

Continuing Education Units: 5

As a nail technician, you must have a basic knowledge of chemistry to understand how different chemicals affect the hair, nails, and skin, and to be able to choose the correct products for each client’s particular needs. It’s your professional responsibility to be a step ahead of the masses so, that you can answer any questions and dispel any concerns that may arise in the salon. This class will review the basics of chemistry, common chemicals used in nail products, HEMA, and the distinction between “Free” nail polishes. And much more!

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10 Weeks