Reflexes Techniques for PSOAS and Back Pain

Reflexes Techniques for PSOAS and Back Pain Course Chicago, IL

In the course we will provide an overview of the trigger points, reflexology and positional release techniques for Psoas and Back Pain. This unique combination of techniques provides effective pain relief and restores balance to body, mind and spirit by engaging our natural ability to heal.
We will explore positions that facilitate the release of muscular tension, reset proprioceptors and increase the range of motion of joints, trigger points that release acute and chronic pain and reflexology points to reset the internal balance of the body’s systems. Students will learn how to stimulate inherent, self-corrective reflexes that help the body to create balance naturally.

This class is intended to enhance the work of massage therapists and body workers by integrating these reflex techniques into their current work.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will perform specific release techniques for Psoas and Back Pain.
  2. Students will identify signs of release, i.e. softening of tissue, expanded range of motion, increased circulation, and a greater sense of well-being, during the use of techniques.
  3. Participants will demonstrate applying: positional release positions, trigger point releases and reflexology to reduce local pain and promote healing.
  4. Students will use proper hand positions and biomechanics while using techniques.
  5. Students will discuss how Positional Release, Trigger Points and Reflexology effects the client’s entire being, body, mind and spirit.