Effects Stress has on Skin

Effects Stress has on Skin

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The last time you weren’t stressed was most likely when you were in diapers. Fast forward 30-plus years and you’ll notice that stress surrounds us in our personal and professional life. It can be challenging to get through a day without feeling overwhelmed or anxious about one part or another of our extremely busy lives.

Stress is a huge part of why we age faster. Our facial muscles contract during stressful situations and over time wrinkles and other skin problems arise. Stop right now and really look at your skin. Do you break out more when you are under pressure? Does your skin become overly dry or oily? People rarely think about the face when their stress levels increase. The first thing many do is schedule a full body massage, skipping the most visible part of the body—the face.

A facial massage is one way to keep skin young. By manipulating facial muscles fluid is released and blood circulation increases allowing the body to get rid of toxins. A facial massage also feels great. It’s a win-win situation.

NASI is now offering an updated Advance Facial Massage Workshop that is geared toward certified esthetic professionals. This class is full of massage techniques for dry skin, oily skin and aging skin. Space is limited and classes are filling up fast so register today. We don’t know the secret to eliminating stress but a facial massage is a great way to keep your clients skin radiant and youthful and your skills constantly evolving.