The Dangerous Effects of Tanning

The Dangerous Effects of Tanning

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Did you know that the sun is a major culprit of aging skin? Most of us don’t think about applying sunscreen on our face and body as we head outdoors. The only time that seems like it’s a good idea to wear protection is when it’s summer, 150 degrees outside or we are on a floaty in a cool pool. Even then applying sunscreen is a bother because we just want to be tan and not blending in with the color of our walls.

So why do we head out to the pool or even worse, the tanning bed? It’s simple, we want to look our best. We equate looking good to feeling good and being tan makes us feel good. But for how long and with what end results?

Research has shown that long-term exposure to ultraviolet rays damages and ages the skin. Unprotected exposure to harmful UV rays breaks down collagen and elastin fibers. Overtime this leads to the dreaded wrinkles and loosened folds. Frequent sunburns and hours spent tanning gives you a feel-good factor for a short time, but the permanent darkening of the skin, leathery texture and an increase in the likelihood of getting skin cancer is the probable end result. These symptoms are hard to reverse and when reversible can be costly.

We are not telling you to be a mole and never go out into the sun but before you walk out the door make sure to apply a sufficient amount of sunscreen. Reapply it throughout the day if you are in the sun for an extended amount of time. If you are itching to add some color to the skin try spray tanning for the sun-kissed glow. Sunless tanning products come in a variety of forms ranging from lotions to professional spray-on services.

The next time you think about heading outdoors, whether it’s sunny, cloudy or snowing, put on the sunblock to protect your skin. Your skin will thank you in a decade or two.

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