Y2K Makeup Trends: Gems, Frost, & Blurred Lips

The Art Institute of Makeup is on the hunt for the next fall trends!

From Euphoria-inspired eye gems to the resurgence of Y2K beauty, the 2022 makeup trends are totally changing the game. This year, there’s a very obvious nod to the early aughts—frosted shadows and thin brows have made a comeback. However, celebrities, influencers, and professionals have also made some new looks go mainstream. With everything from faux freckles to graphic eyeshadow designs popping up on social media and the red carpet, it’s clear that the beauty world has upped the ante on experimentation and expression. Professional and master makeup artist professionals will fall for these top 3 go-to looks for Autumn 2022.


Blurred Lips

A strong bold matte lip will never go out of style, but certain days low-maintenance and effortless pops of color match your angsty mood better. Here enters the blurred lip, this trend is following this summer’s sunburnt blush trend. This look is all about creating a look that has more of a popsicle-stain effect on the lips.

Get the look by using any liquid matte lipstick. The trick is to apply it with a fluffy eyeshadow blending brush to create a soft diffused blurred effect. You can easily build sheer layers and create a lasting stain. You have full control on the level of pigment that is desired.

Our makeup educators recommend Inglot’s LipSatin Lipstick in 303. This creamy, soft formula provides perfect coverage and softens your delicate lips leaving them with the feeling of nourishment and regeneration. We absolutely love the satin-velvet finish, perfect consistency for the blurred lips trend.


Gem Stones

While there may not be another Euphoria episode coming anytime soon, makeup looks continue to pay ode to the show’s aesthetic. After trending during the first half of the year crystal decals continue to rise in popularity. A whole lot of facial embellishments of gemstone and pearls are all the rage on the runways. So, get inspired and start creating a stunning look with embellishments as a showstopper.

The first step is prepping the area by stenciling out your design with a liquid eyeliner. By mapping out your design placement of the appliqués’ placement, it will be a lot easier and seamless. Most appliqués have a self-adhesive, but the trick is to add a bit of lash glue so you can rest assured that your embellishments are secure.



Bleached Brows

Something cool happens to the eye when you get rid of your eyebrows. It gives you the opportunity to really get creative with eyeshadows especially since you have more space to play with. Bleached brows are all over the runways.

To get this look, there’s no need to fully commit to bleaching your eyebrows. Start by blocking your eyebrows out with a glue stick, color corrector, concealer and then setting powder. This process will give you the ability to venture outside of the normal everyday makeup look. Makeup isn’t forever, and you get to have some fun for the day. All wins!

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