Tips for Succeeding as a Nail Technician

Hairstylists, cosmetologists, and skincare experts all find ways to transform the blank canvas of a client into a stylish and beautiful example of their work. Nail technicians have even more freedom of expression as nail art continues to expand in its potential.

Learn what you can do to be a successful nail technician.

Gain the Knowledge

Nail technicians need formal training in business practices as well as understanding the tools of the trade. People can experiment and practice at home, but a formal education enables the technician to have the certification needed for employment at a spa or salon.

A nail technician course explains hygiene and safety standards, educates technicians on the science of nails and cuticles, and enables the student to understand the beauty industry. Specialized techniques also feature prominently in a certification class and can aid nail artists that want to stay updated on all the latest trends.

Build the Skills

A nail technician can only garner examples of their best work when they practice their talents on clients. A talented artist working in a salon or spa may feel stifled creatively as they perform more traditional manicures or pedicures, but the experience is invaluable.

Practice allows an artist to become familiar with different nail shapes, the products available, and how skin tone and nail quality affect the final appearance of their work. The daily relationship with the clientele help nail artists to become better listeners and to pick up easier on trends and changes in the industry.

Find Display Opportunities

Nail artists need to develop their reputation within the industry as more than a basic nail technician. Their salon or spa can advertise their most daring and dramatic creations. Social media platforms also become important advertising sites for many artists. Social networking helps all creative professionals to gain more attention for their work.

Nail designs are now a culturally accepted art form, and there is the potential to have a table in public places like gallery openings and boutiques. Pop-up shops, street fairs, and craft exhibits all offer some opportunity for the talented nail artist. A willingness to get out into the public eye will help to increase the potential for new clientele.

Get International Attention

Contest help nail artists to earn respect and show everyone the proof of their skills. Many local and state competitions take place around the country every year. A few contests gain national and international attention and allow interested artists to compete on the world stage. A win in a large competition means attention online, in magazines, and in the beauty industry.

The Nailpro World Cup is an international competition that allows nail artists to prove their talents. The different competitions include traditional manicure techniques as well as a variety of art challenges. The World Cup of Nail Art offers a unique annual theme and concentrates on turning nails into works of art rather than highlighting traditional technical skills.

Build Business Savvy

Artists can easily forget about the business part of their career because they become so focused on the work they create. It is the business talent that protects profit and enables the artist to continue to create. Continuing education programs, business classes, and partnerships with entrepreneurs can increase the potential for success of any nail artists.

Now is the time to get the business skills you need if you have a passion to show the world your nail art skills. At New Age Spa Institute, we offer programs for anyone that wants a career in the beauty trade. Our nail technician certification takes a few as four months to complete. Contact us to learn more or to register for a class.

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