The Truth About SPF

We all know that ultraviolet rays are dangerous for the skin, so for decades we have been reaching for our trusted SPF to protect the skin from burns, and worse, cancer. But did you know that the whole time we have been saving our skin we have been harming the environment? Recent studies have found that two chemicals used in many popular sunscreens are harmful to our ecosystem, and Hawaii is taking action.

Both oxybenzone and octinoxate, have been proven to destroy the coral reefs and marine life around the world. According to the journal, Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology, 14,000 tons of sunscreen ends up in the reefs around the world each year.

Hawaii is on a mission to be the first state to ban the sale of oxybenzone and octinoxte. A bill was passed by the state legislature and is with the governor’s office awaiting a signature. If the law passes, it will take effect in 2021.

With the summer just around the corner, it’s important to keep your skin protected by using more natural lotions that have zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, especially when you plan to dive into the ocean. By choosing reef friendly products, you are helping the environment and yourself.

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