The Advantages of Advanced Certification for Beauty Students

Degree and certification programs for nearly every industry offer people the opportunity to move above the average professional. Advanced certification for estheticians, nail technicians and others in the beauty industry also allow the most ambitious to stand out from their peers. CIDESCO certification is the premier standard for anyone serious about being the best.

What CIDESCO Certification Means

Certification and licensing in the beauty industry is nothing unusual or new. The United States government requires cosmetologists, hair and nail experts to prove their training before they can legally advertise for clients. The purpose is to ensure safe practices, safe products, and a guarantee to consumers of a certain standard of service.

CIDESCO (Comité International d’Esthétique et de Cosmétologie) began in 1946 in Brussels as an organization designed to promote the highest standards in cosmetology practices. The group strives to act as a central information base where ideas, developments, and other information invaluable to the beauty industry becomes available to spas and salons around the world.

The CIDESCO home office today sits in Zurich, Switzerland. Post Graduate examinations began in 1974, and spa qualifications for certifications began in 2006. The organization is always adapting to changes in the beauty industry. Because of its global reach and high standards, certification with this organization stands out from all others.

How to Obtain Certification

CIDESCO offers a variety of certifications for different fields within the beauty industry. The certification requires students to complete minimum work and school hours for each field. For example, to test for certification in body therapy, the applicant must complete 565 hours of work experience and have completed courses in full body massage, body analysis, and others.

Students that wish to become certified by CIDESCO must have taken accredited courses that will also count towards their CIDESCO diploma. Applicants must also have worked in the related field for three years before the exam. The examinations require a full day of practical exams, a written test, and a case study of a beauty-related topic.

Students should complete a course from a CIDESCO accredited school to prepare for the exam. Successful completion of the course qualifies the student to sit for the exam after a three-month waiting period. Every certification applicant has two free retakes available of the exam if they do not pass on the first attempt. All retakes must occur within two years of the first exam.

Why to Gain Certification

CIDESCO is known as the leader in beauty technology around the world, and the certifications they provide shows that the holder performs work that meets their standards. A diploma or certification with CIDESCO enables people to find work in spas and salons around the world. The addition of the certificate can help job seekers to draw attention to their resume.

Business owners can also certify their spas through CIDESCO. The advantage of this corporate partnership is the recognition of the quality of their business and the standards it uses. CIDESCO also maintains a database of certified spas and advertises the list online to the world.

Anyone interested in the beauty industry that becomes a member of the organization will have access to all the information the group collects and shares. A membership enables people to stay aware of changes and new products and procedures in the beauty industry. The group also offers the opportunity to become a CIDESCO certified examiner or instructor.

A trip to Switzerland to attend courses or prepare for their examination is unnecessary for beauty students. At New Age Spa Institute, Inc., we can assist you as you seek the highest level of training for your career. Contact us to learn more about the courses we offer for certification and all the opportunities available through our school.


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