Prime Those Feet for Summer Heat

                Summer weather is in full effect, and you know what that means:

It’s sandal season!

The Chicago winters can be rough on our skin so before you bear those heels in your favorite summer slides, they may need some TLC. Before you search for salons near you, prime your feet for their summer spotlight.  At NASI, the Intensive Foot Care Peeling Socks by VOESH are a game changer!

This intensive foot peel treatment is infused with AHA/BHA, lavender, and herb extracts. These ingredients work best for dry, calloused feet. Each sock contains natural sugarcane-derived acids that gently penetrate dead skin cells causing rough, hardened calluses to naturally peel off. The aromatic botanicals then soothe the skin at the same time. (Feel free to check out the VOESH retail area in our main lobby)


How to maximize foot peeling treatments for the best-looking tootsies?

      • Soak your feet in warm water before application for 10 minutes
      • Dry completely before applying socks
      • Put a tight pair of socks over the peeling socks for better absorption
      • Wait between 1 hour and 1 ½ hours before rinsing your feet. Pat them dry, then wait for the magic peeling process to begin!
      • After the treatment, gently rub your feet after showers or baths to boost the peeling process


Have a special event coming up? Wedding, graduation party or vacation coming up? Summertime promises plenty opportunities of barefoot time. You’ll want your feet to finish peeling before the event so, plan to use peeling socks a few weeks prior.

No summer sandal moment is complete without polished toes! Summer 2022 trending shades you just can’t ignore are:



Hot Pink

Try Morgan Taylor’s “Tag You’re It” This bright,

creamy pink color is a summer staple! Bright acrylics

are the perfect go-to for basking in the sun on Montrose Beach!

                                                                                                                                  Matcha Green

Glide OPI “That’s Hula-rious” on your fingertips! A daring

and soft combo sure to make you lucky for a night of gaming

at River’s Casino in Des Plaines. Hey, money is green right?



Shimmy the night away with extra posh! Catch the bonfire

lights with a shimmering topcoat over your fave summer color.

Try Zoya’s Sparkle Gloss Top Coat for an instant sparkling switch-up.

Just enough glitter to have you glowing along the Chicago skyline rooftop bars.





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