Next Generation Men

There is nothing sexier about a man than knowing how to take care of himself. Recently, a report came out stating that the global male grooming market started to boom around 2012 and is projected to keep blooming for a minimum of six years. What does this mean? What once was a women’s territory, is now evening out as men start to care about their appearance. Come on guys, took you long enough. 

They, like us, are looking for products to stay youthful. I think we have to partially thank social media and Hollywood for the growing trend. Both men and women want to age like their favorite celebrity and they want to share it with the world through Instagram or Facebook. 

According to Euromonitor, men are looking for better deodorant’s, skin and hair products, as well as bath and shower products. More frequently men are turning to (or at least considering) anti-aging serums and masks.

Caring about oneself is becoming more acceptable, if you are a male that is. With that in mind, business opportunities are on the horizon. From more products on shelves to spa options, men are paying attention and becoming more savvy and familiar with the choices they have. 

Now is the time to get on board and dive into some of the classes that NASI offers. They will not only help move your career forward, but they help guide you toward the hottest trend. 

From our Advance Facial Massage Workshop to Anti-aging Skincare and Successful Estheticians, we have many options available for professionals interested in developing their skills. 

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