All Illinois Estheticians, Cosmetologists, Nail Techs, and Teachers must complete one CE hour of Sexual Harassment Prevention Training to renew professional license.  


Can I complete Sexual Harassment Prevention Training at New Age Spa Institute? And how?  

The New Age Spa Institute, as a courtesy, is sharing the added BONUS of the (1) hour Sexual Harassment Prevention CEU for students enrolling in continuing education classes that are live webinars and in-classroom class sessions from June 1st, 2021, to November  30, 2021.

The added BONUS of the (1) hour Sexual Harassment Prevention CEU does not apply to online courses or retroactively to any previously taken education classes.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to take the Sexual Harassment Prevention CEU if I already took the Domestic Violence CEU?

If you completed the Domestic Violence CEU requirement for 2019, you must still complete the Sexual Harassment Prevention training requirement for 2021. They are (2) separate and distinct CEUs that are required by the state of Illinois to renew your professional license. The Domestic Violence class required for last renewal will NOT count towards this new requirement.

 I already have my Certificate of Attendance for the Sexual Harassment Prevention CEU, can I receive a discount on the price of my continuing education class?

The Sexual Harassment Prevention CEU is an added bonus and doesn’t not affect the standing prices of our regular continuing education classes. The New Age Spa Institute will not issue refunds or discounts on the basis of the Sexual Harassment Prevention CEU including but not limited to past purchases.

I received the Sexual Harassment Prevention training from my employer. Does that count?

It will depend if your employer is an accepted or approved CE provider, and if you received a CE Certificate for the training. Please check with your employer to see if they qualify.

My professional license is not active. Do I need to take this new class requirement?

Yes. The Sexual Harassment Prevention class must also be taken to restore, reinstate, or reactive an inactive/suspended Esthetician, Cosmetology, Nail Tech, or Teacher license.

I completed my Sexual Harassment Prevention training, but cannot access the quiz. What do I do?

If the training is not completed in its entirety (1 hour time frame), then the student cannot access the quiz. Students must watch and listen to video from start to finish, in order for the quiz to be accessed in the student’s account. 

I completed the Sexual Harassment Prevention training and quiz successfully. How do I access my Certificate of Attendance?

Following the successful completion of the (1) hour training and quiz, the student’s Certificate of Attendance is accessible from the student’s account via  After you download your certificate, you can print it for your record keeping.

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