NASI to award six scholarships to kick off the New Year

With the New Year around the corner, and the money being tight after the holidays, New Age Spa Institute is offering six scholarships for future beauty professionals who are ready to make the next leap in their career and kick off 2019 with a bang!

“Earlier this year we gave a student an $11,000 scholarship to help kickstart their career,” Monika Machej, founder and president of NASI said. “Although we don’t accept financial aid, we attempt to make education possible for anyone by offering these scholarships and other financial assistance.”

NASI, a CIDESCO accredited school of Esthetics, Clinical Aesthetics, Clinical Massage Therapy, Nail Technology, and Makeup Artistry, has been attracting beauty professionals for 11 years. To date, NASI has given away more than $750,000 in scholarships.

The scholarship is open to all applicants—single or married—but applicants must meet the following income criteria that will be determined by 2017 income tax and most recent paystub.

  • Single with no children: $1,920.00 per month
  • Married with no children: $1,920.00 per month
  • Parent single or married with 1 child: $1,920.00 per month
  • Parent single or married with 2 children: $2,282.00 per month
  • Parent single or married with 3 children: $2,680.00 per month
  • Parent single or married with 4 children and above: $3,120.00 per month

The deadline to apply for one of the six Leslie McRae scholarships is Thursday, Dec. 20. Two $1,000 scholarships will be awarded for the Esthetics program; two, $500 scholarships will be awarded for Massage Therapy and two $500 scholarships for Nail Technology.

McRae is a licensed massage therapist, licensed esthetician, CIDESCO Diplomate and has been a part of the NASI team since inception. She has taught hundreds of students to balance the body from within and has always wanted to help someone reach their own professional greatness. With the six scholarship opportunities, McRae is opening doors to those driven to succeed.

“At NASI we focus on how to best educate the future beauty professionals by helping them beyond the classroom,” Machej said. “We know that at times, without financial assistance, people aren’t able to pursue their dreams. With Leslie’s help, six lucky students will be able to get their foot in the door and reach the desired goal.”

For more information and details about the scholarships please contact NASI at (847) 759-0900 or visit their website.

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