Lighting Ergonomics: Let It Shine!

What do spas in Chicago, Des Plaines, Oakbrook, and Kenosha have in common?

Here’s a clue: Where there is darkness, let there be light!

When you think about it, lighting is actually the most important design feature of a spa. From magnifying lamps used for skin analysis to salon lights used for precision work like nail art, eyelash extensions, and lash tinting. Lighting is a determining factor in the successful completion of the final result. Appropriate lighting, without glare or shadows, can even reduce eye fatigue and headaches.

Proper lighting is important for so many professions in the beauty and wellness industry: Tattoo artists, lash artists, nail technicians in salons, and estheticians in treatment rooms. Remember: A picture or video says a thousand words. Lighting is crucial for shooting amazing photos, videos, and reels for social media marketing.

Consider the comfort level of your clients too! You’ll feel instantly at ease when you walk into a room bathed in cozy, inviting light. On the other hand, if you walk into a room buzzing with harsh fluorescent, then your teeth may start to grind! It’s no wonder that lighting can affect our moods. In 2014, a Journal of Consumer Psychology study found that when exposed to bright lights with reddish hues, feelings of warmth increased in participants. When bright lights with bluish hues dominated, sensations of angst increased in participants.

There are 4 factors to consider when purchasing a lamp for your salon or spa:

  1. Color of the light produced by lamp
  2. Color Rendering Index (CRI) scale 1 – 100. For more accurate coloring, choose a lamp with higher CRI.
  3. Too much heat emanating from lamps should be avoided. It can cause discomfort to yourself and clients.
  4. Energy efficiency is important to keep your business’ costs down.

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