Las Vegas may be infamously known as “Sin City,” but NASI dubs it “Skin City!”

The master educators at NASI find themselves filling the roles of many different things. Motivators. Coaches. Mentors. Teaching requires a lot of dynamics aside from the academics.

It involves a conscious effort on the part of the educator to take the necessary steps to develop the skills and characteristics required of a master educator. In line with this, NASI educators relish the ability to invent, adapt, and create new techniques and procedures to meet the ever-changing demands of our students today. As a global CIDESCO leader in beauty and wellness education, New Age Spa Institute boosts its team excellence by participating in beauty and spa trade shows all over the United States.

The latest chapter of NASI’s educational team was the International Esthetics, Cosmetics, and Spa Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada in June 2022.

School Director and Owner, Monika Machej trained a packed class of eager attendees on Hormonal Skin. Later on, she taught “Acne and Rosacea: Facts vs. Myths”, a CIDESCO class designed for an international level of education.


Bianca Rojas, a NASI educator and CIDESCO Diplomate herself, taught the class “Digital Aging, Pollution Aging. UV Aging, & Glycation”; all about the impact of the skin’s microenvironment. 





Aside from teaching, the NASI team exhibited a booth at the show featuring diversified beauty and wellness company Coterie Fresh ‘N Clear. From aesthetics devices and medical grade skincare products, Coterie Fresh ‘N Clear was a market leader among the ton. Investing in new modalities and aesthetics machines and networking globally with elite professionals at the popular IECSC and IBS (International Beauty Show), our master educators judge their trip a success!

The learning continues with COSMOPROF: North America Las Vegas, the 2022 edition, July 12th to 14th!

At NASI, we esteem our awesome opportunity to affect the lives of countless students with practical mentality of “beauty inside and out.” The learning never stops as our team geared up for the leading business-to-business (B2B) beauty exhibition in the Americas. NASI linked with new beauty brands introducing revolutionary technologies, product innovations, and new channels of manufacturing, packaging, and distribution.

NASI educators eagerly signed up for educational sessions hosted by leading industry Founders and CEOs spanning a variety of topics. Topics ranged from spa management and the evolution of sustainability to e-commerce beauty and future industry ingredients. It was a packed load of training no doubt, but the NASI team wouldn’t have it any other way. Our goal is training the best professionals and so, we strive to be the best in theory and practice. Tune into our social media outlets for behind-the-scenes videos and commentary!

As a beauty industry hub, Las Vegas may be infamously known as “Sin City,” but NASI dubs it “Skin City!

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