How Your Leadership Style Affects Your Business.

The X and Y Theory developed over 50 years ago, still relevant and thriving in your business today. Are you the type of leader that assumes your employees are lazy slackers that hate responsibility? Are you the first to say “No” to your employees when they come to you asking for more responsibility or with tips on efficiency at your business? Are you easily bored by interaction with your employees?

If you answered “Yes” to any one of these questions, then you are an X Leader. Being an X Leader can be great if all your employees are like-minded individuals. If you are looking for a cohesive team atmosphere, being an X Leader over like-minded individuals is next to impossible.

Are you the type of leader that consistently doles out praise to your employees, regardless of the quality of their work? Do you always say “Yes” to your employees, no matter the request? Are you the type of leader that exercises a “hands-off” approach towards your employees?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above questions, then you are a Y Leader. Being a Y Leader is perfect if your employees thrive on praise, but over praising can reduce quality at your business. Instead, offer individual feedback to your employees as constructive criticism, which will give your employees direction in working towards personal and professional goals.

In today’s market, being an X or a Y Leader may only resonate with certain generations*, which can be troublesome for hiring.

When you own a business, look for diversity among your employees, where each person brings a unique strength to the table. The skeptic outlook of the X Leader might alienate members of the Y and Z generations, who are less prone to try and prove themselves. Similarly, the constant praise of a Y Leader can make an employee of the X generation look elsewhere for employment.

It is up to you to find balance among different leadership styles and be aware of generational and personal differences among your employees. Generational and leadership theories are difficult to navigate, yet here is the New Age Spa Institute; we infuse these theories into our education. When you leave school, you are set up to be a well-rounded leader.

So are you ready to balance your X and Y Leadership tendencies to retain the best employees?

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Generation X’ers are born in 1966-1976 and are characterized by high levels of skepticism and high levels of education.
Generation Y’ers are born in 1977-1994 and are characterized as more racially and ethnically diverse, tech-savvy, less brand loyal, swayed by instant gratification, and fast-paced.
Generation Z’ers are born in 1995-2012 and will look for customized instruction from their managers and accelerated achievement opportunities. Not much more is known about the group as they are just entering the workforce.

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