Closing the Gender Pay Gap

In almost every profession—except within esthetics and massage therapy—men are bringing more bacon home than women. It’s mind blowing that in 2018 women are still fighting for equal pay across the United States.

The the American Association of University Women recently released data showing that on average women in Illinois who work full-time, year-round, make 79 cents on the dollar. That’s less (by one percent) compared to the country 80 percent average.

Since the 70s, the pay gap has narrowed but in 2001 it slowed. What does this mean for women? We may not see an equal paycheck as our husbands or brothers until 2119.

Luckily, it’s not like this everywhere. Some companies are standing with women and are committed to close the pay gap. But those companies are far and few between.

The one industry that has seen equality between what a woman and man brings home is beauty therapy and wellness careers. A lot of times women are making more than men in these professions. This has to do with expertise and knowledge of the professional, not the gender. Beauty therapy is one of the few professions that offers pay based upon the expertise and client relations not on wheter the professional is a male or female.

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