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Jorra Zayn

“From the moment I walked into New Age Spa Institute, I fell in love with the school right away. It was the cleanest, most professional, and well diverse school in the state. I was excited to start my esthetic journey right away after my open house meeting. Ms. Pat gave my mom and I wonderful tour of the school and answered all of our questions and concerns. I’m now graduating with my esthetics license from the best school in the state. I recommend this school to anyone who is looking to go above and beyond in the esthetics field. Thank you Ms. Monika for providing me with all of the tools and more for the real world.”

Kate Wesolowski

“This school has changed my life. Not only are the facilities of the highest standard, but so are the wonderful staff. I have felt so supported and encouraged, my confidence has built up so much within the 6 months I was in the esthetics program. I have just graduated and am about to take my state boards and I know it will be a piece of cake. I’m so lucky to have attended this school, and I have been blown away in every step of the process. The coursework and education is rigorous (but doable!) and I feel like I will be far above recent graduates from other schools because of the in-depth of training I’ve received. I quite literally could not be any happier and I’m glad I took the leap of faith in starting this new career path. I feel very lucky, and highly encourage you to attend this school if you’re looking at a career in this field as well!!”

Darya Kuzmich

“I recently completed Clinical Aesthetician classes. I absolute love this school, very professional and informative. The teachers are awesome, knowledgeable and so professional. I would highly recommend New Age Spa Institute!”

Martha Gomez

“I attended the Nail technology program at NASI and it was an amazing experience. I left the program prepared with Theory for my practical exam and ready to take clients.. it was a very positive experience overall.. ..”


“All I have to say this School is amazing! I’m glad I made the right choice to attend New Age Spa Institute for the Clinical Massage Therapy program. They are the best of the best in IL. Ms.Leslie is hands on which I love and learned a lot and prepared me well for the Mblex, which I past with no issues!! The teachers here are passionate and Staff are caring and want you to learn. Thank you all for this amazing journey.

Gia Byers

“This was my first time taking a CE Class at New Age Spa Institute. I will say that the teacher was very knowledgeable and had a superb sense of humor which made the class enjoyable. The bathrooms were clean. I always check bathrooms when I go to a new place. The building had great colors in the inside and great staff that greeted you and made you feel welcome. I look forward to taking more classes in the future. Last but not least I have a lot of clients with these disorders of acne and rosacea etc. I got great knowledge to help me service my client better. See you guys soon”

Caitie KH

“New Age Spa Institute is THE top tier school for esthetics in Illinois. While exploring all the options prior to enrollment, I toured quite literally every major esthetics/cosmetology school within 100 miles and I can say without pause that NASI was the only school that represented the level of professionalism, cleanliness, and strict expectations for success that I was searching for. I am a 30 year old woman with a long line of management and corporate

business experience, so I was absolutely not looking for a school that would allow you to just skate through and get a license. I wanted a school that would hold their students accountable as professionals, would challenge students to achieve better results with each practice, and would employ the most knowledgeable staff possible to influence the students along the way. This is that school. I highly recommend this school for anyone looking for a serious education that will give you the BEST possible skill set upon graduation.”

New Age Spa Institute

has 5 star reviews by both our students and our clients.
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