Botox Party: What You Should Know

Botox Party: What You Should Know

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Botulinum, AKA Botox, is most frequently used to smooth out wrinkles. But it can also be used to decrease sweating and to treat various muscular conditions, in addition to other things. Like with anything, there is a list of side effects that goes along with the injection. There are warning signs, proper usage and etiquette guidelines and potential reactions professionals—as well as clients—should be aware of. But we all know that people have always found ways to ignore the guidelines and cut corners to get what they want, for less.

Recently, the Botox party has become an increasing, ridiculous trend. Healthcare professionals are shaking their heads and speaking out about the risks and prompting people to stay away from the money saving Botox bust.

A Botox party is simple, a party in a non-medical setting where women and men come together to get injections, frequently from a non-trained or properly qualified individual. Botox should only be administered by an experienced licensed medical professional who knows the facial anatomy and proper injection techniques. It should not be done in someone’s living room where the sanitary condition is questionable.

The face is the first thing that others see and the last thing that should be subjected to in-home experimentation. So when you get invited to a Botox party, kindly decline, save your pennies and go to a professional to get what you want done.