To Dip or Not to Dip

Have you heard of dipping? It’s been around for a couple decades but thanks to social media it’s making a huge comeback in the nail industry. Just like gel and acrylic manicures, the dip system consists of a base, a top, the powder and a liquid. Below you will find some pros, and cons (there’s always cons) to the latest nail craze.

Pros to Dipping

What Smell? Walking into a salon sometimes tingles the nose hairs because the smell is so strong from all the chemicals. Lucky for those with a sensitive sniffer, it’s a thing of the past with this powder because this comeback kid is odorless. Getting a beautiful manicure just became tolerable and your nose will thank you.

Long Lasting. Getting to a salon for a manicure on a weekly basis is not common for people who are juggling a career, children and life. Many don’t have the luxury to get to a salon and sit for an extended period of time to fix a chip or a crack. The dipping system solves this problem because it last anywhere from four to six weeks and strengthens the nails over time.

Better for You. Some people are allergic to the gel and acrylic nail options. Dipping eliminates that problem because those chemicals are non-existent in this powder form. It also contain Vitamin E and Calcium, promoting stronger nails in the long run. Plus, the powder is placed directly on the nail. Bye bye glue. And last but not least, like with gel manicures, there is no need for UV or LED lighting.

Drum Roll Please….The Cons

Where Has That Been? The question, “Is it sanitary?” comes up often because people want to know how many fingernails have been in the same jar. One way to solve the problem is to pour some of the powder into a separate dish and then disregard the unused content. This will show your client that you are serious about cleanliness and their fear of infections will dissolve.

Longer Process. Although the dipped manicure lasts longer, the process takes a bit more time than the typical gel manicure because the dip has to dry on its own in between each dip.

There are still chemicals in it. Although the chemicals that are in gel and acrylic manicures are not present in the powder, this system has a list of chemicals of their own.

With these basics, you can decide if this is a service you want to put your time and energy into. One thing to remember is to be at the top. By embracing the new trends, you are one step closer to success by satisfying your clients and growing your business.

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