Top 10 Questions to Ask When Building Your Website

Top 10 Questions to Ask When Building Your Website

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It’s 2017 and everyone has their nose stuck in their cellphone looking for the best spa to visit or where to spend their money. Whether it’s a highly rated massage therapist or the new hip salon offering the latest and greatest, people turn to technology to find the best of the best. Word of mouth works wonders, but a mobile-friendly, eye-catching website is one way to get new clients through your door.

There are many businesses that are suffering, or not doing as well as they should because they don’t have a website or haven’t put the effort into the design of their current website. It’s important­­ for beauty therapists to hire someone to review their current website, or help build one from scratch. These professionals have the expertise and know what will drive clients your way.

A website is easy to use, it improves advertising effectiveness and expands your outreach. It can also keep your customers informed, and it is a great place to showcase your work. So why not invest some time and take the first steps to get a website going. It’s not hard to do it yourself, but there are professional web developers that specialize in this kind of work and can make an impact on your business.

When you are looking to revamp or launch your website ask your web developer these 10 questions.

  1. What services do you offer?
  2. Do you custom design websites or use pre-made templates?
  3. Can you provide examples of websites that your company designed?
  4. Do you have case studies that show the results your web designs provided for businesses?
  5. What strategies will you use to generate revenue for my site?
  6. Will you review my current website and analyze its performance before making your design decisions?
  7. What is your policy regarding building websites for my competitors?
  8. How will my project be managed?
  9. How much time is devoted to analyzing my business, market and competitors?
  10. Who will be working on my website?

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