What’s Your Color Preference?

What’s Your Color Preference?

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Clients these days are extremely busy and squeezing a 90-minute facial or procedure into their life may not be feasible. If you could decease the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, acne and improve your clients complexion in 20 minutes would you do it? It’d be silly not to, right?

There is a simple answer for this and it comes in pretty illuminating colors and three little letters, L.E.D. No, it’s not a trendy restaurant or the latest band craze. It’s light emitting diode, a therapeutic wave length of color and light energy that decreases pore appearance, fine lines and wrinkles, improves uneven skin and rejuvenates from within. LED’s correct the dermal layer by converting the colorful light into adenosine triphosphate (ATP), or in other simple words, fuel that repairs damaged skin. When the colorful LED lights hits the skin, production of college and elastin increases, making the skin vibrant and smooth. There are different colors of the LED lights and all have different benefits.

This non-invasive procedure can be added to any facial or advanced treatment. It only requires additional 10-20 minutes of your time. It is ideal for all skin types and it can’t be overused. Because it works with minimal time it’s a great option when preparing for a big events, like a wedding or a high-school reunion.

NASI offers continuing education classes’ professionals can choose from to learn more about helping your client revert their skin to a more youthful texture. Check out An Updated Approach to Electrotherapy Treatments and give your client results in minutes.