Sin of the Skin: The Age Spot Battle

Sin of the Skin: The Age Spot Battle

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Unfortunately neither one of us is getting any younger and with age come many unpleasant skin changes. Hyperpigmentation is a common condition where skin darkens in color due to excessive amounts of melanin deposits in the skin. This can happen due to our genetic makeup or external factors, such as sun exposure.

There are three main types of hyperpigmentation that cause clients concern.

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) usually appears from acne scaring, burns and psoriasis, friction and sometimes professional skin care treatments. Frequently, PIH responds well to treatment and begins to fade as the skin regenerates itself.

Lentigines, also known as liver spots or age spots can be found in light-skinned individuals 60 years and older. The main cause of Lentigines is prolonged sun exposure. The face, hands, forearms, chest, back and shins are the most common locations, erupting after UV exposure.

Melsama/Chloasma occurs during hormone fluctuation. Pregnant women or those on birth control, and people with thyroid problems or those taking hormone replacement therapy are affected by this condition most frequently. Although it can be difficult to treat, with advancing technology it is not impossible.

As the aging population grows, they are looking for ways to eliminate or decrease the appearance of hyperpigmentation from the face and body. Consumers are turning to both, topical treatments and procedures such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion and laser skin resurfacing to get the best results faster. Over time and with proper care, clients will notice their skin changing and age spots fading. Although most treatments take several months or more to start seeing noticeable results, the wait is worth it.

NASI offers an abundant amount of continuing education classes’ professionals can choose from to learn more about helping your client revert their skin to a more youthful texture. Check out our new Advanced Chemical Peel Workshop  as well as Advanced Lightening Techniques for Pigmentation Disorders. The two 10 CEU courses will give you the tools needed to increase your clientele and give them the anti-aging results they are looking for.