What is CIDESCO?

Do you want to be a CIDESCO Diploma Holder?


Some professionals may have heard of CIDESCO but many do not know what it is. What is CIDESCO?

For those that do not know much about CIDESCO or for estheticians who are considering pursuing the CIDESCO Diploma, here is a few facts about CIDESCO.

  • ​The Comite International d’Esthetique et de Cosmetologie (CIDESCO) was founded in 1946 in Brussels, Belgium.
  • There are more than 40 countries that have CIDESCO schools, totaling about 230 schools around the world
  • ​The United States has only 11 CIDESCO schools
  • New Age Spa Institute is the ONLY CIDESCO school in the state of Illinois
  • CIDESCO has 8 different kinds of diplomas for Professionals.
  • The CIDESCO Diploma is the highest level of education available for Licensed Professionals and is based on European Beauty and Wellness standards.
  • New Age Spa Institute has two post grad CIDESCO programs available for Professionals seeking to obtain their diploma- a 5-day program and a 9-month program.
  • Whether candidates choose a 5-day or 9-month program, everyone takes the same examination which includes a written examination and an 8-hour, full day practical examination conducted by an International Examiner.
  • Once the Diploma is obtained, CIDESCO Diploma Holders have the qualification for life; there is no renewal of the Diploma necessary.
  • CIDESCO Diploma Holders can work anywhere in the world including Cruise Ships and Luxury Resort Spas.

To learn more about CIDESCO, please visit cidesco.com.

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