Who isn’t looking for a plumped pout?!

Face mask restrictions are loosened up all around and consumer reports confirm that lipstick sales are on the rise which is a GREAT news! This summer, if you’re vaccinated, you can walk to meet your friends for coffee or lunch with a mask hanging from a chain around your neck instead of covering the entire lower half of your face. On those pleasant occasions, maybe you pop a tinted balm on your lips and if for no other reason than to celebrate the fact that they’re visible for the first time in what feels like forever.

With that said, it’s been a while since we’ve had to acknowledge our lip aesthetic.

Your lip color preferences may have changed since the last time you set foot inside a restaurant. To help figure out what you’re looking for this season, here are the 3 biggest lipstick trends that you’ll want to try out summer 2021. Whether you want a balm, plumping gloss, or a multipurpose stick that doubles as blush, here are you go-tos for this season.

Rich Care Lipstick by INGLOT is a hydrating tinted lip balm.

It’s sheer on the lips adding a tint of color, jam packed with beneficial skincare ingredients that you want to nourish your lips

with. Plus, it has SPF 30 which provides high protection from UVA and UVB rays. This gem comes in threetints: Natural, cherry, and rose.

No mirror needed to use the Kiss Catcher Liquid Lipstick by INGLOT. This soft creamy formula will make even the driest lips look healthy and hydrated! The light a

nd velvety formula enables a smooth and easy application without the feeling of stickiness.


Who isn’t looking for a plumped pout?!

This summer check out INGLOT’s Me Like Volumizing Lip Gloss. Catch all the glances with the mesmerizing 3D effect that this gloss will give you. The product reduces the visibility of the signs of lip aging by improving contour and boosting volume. Use regularly for at least two weeks to achieve the long-lasting, volumizing effect.

Enjoy having your lips out and about. And make sure they’re dressed and ready to impress by having any of INGLOT Cosmetics’ lip products. Show-stopping lip looks are a must for this summer, but nourishing benefits our lips is a must too. This is why INGLOT cosmetics give such a high-quality finish. The colors and pigments are stunning, but they’re cruelty-free stance and nourish

ing ingredients bring any makeup look to a whole other level.  So, whether you’re all about the lip balm, gloss, or stick: You can’t go wrong with INGLOT cosmetics.

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