Understanding Disorders and Diseases of the Skin and Nails

Understanding Disorders and Diseases of the Skin and Nails Course Chicago, IL

Continuing Education Units: 5

As spa professionals, we are able to improve the appearance and attractiveness of the skin and nails, but what happens if we spot an irregularity? This class is designed to help you become a safer service provider by recognizing and understanding common skin and nail disorders and diseases. Knowing when to treat and when to refer your client to a physician is essential in maintaining the well-being of your clientele, while staying within your scope of practice. In this class, you will learn about skin physiology, nail physiology, and descriptions of nail disorders and skin disorders. Additionally, how disorders can be avoided, and how to treat disorders within your boundaries will be covered. The knowledge you gain from this class will help protect yourself, your clients, and the future of your business!

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