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Sin of the Skin: The Age Spot Battle

Unfortunately neither one of us is getting any younger and with age come many unpleasant skin changes. Hyperpigmentation is a common condition where skin darkens in color due to excessive amounts of m ... Read More

What Millennials Want

Companies from skin care and fashion to the food industry are fiercely competing for millennial buy in of their products and services. In the United States alone, 80 million Millennials have the abili ... Read More

The Double R’s. Retinol vs. Retinoid

Most of us are familiar with the two little words that give our skin a more youthful appearance, but have you ever thought about how the two differ? Both are applied to the skin to reverse signs of ag ... Read More

Effects Stress has on Skin

The last time you weren’t stressed was most likely when you were in diapers. Fast forward 30-plus years and you’ll notice that stress surrounds us in our personal and professional life. It can be ... Read More

The Dangerous Effects of Tanning

Did you know that the sun is a major culprit of aging skin? Most of us don’t think about applying sunscreen on our face and body as we head outdoors. The only time that seems like it’s a good idea ... Read More

Branding Yourself in a Meaningful Way

Spa marketing and business development is tough in this industry because the competition is fierce. You’re not the only makeup artist, massage therapist or medical spa professional out there. But ea ... Read More

Now Trending: Becoming a Med Spa Professional

Becoming a Med Spa Professional Medical estheticians are trained individuals, licensed in esthetics and certified in medical aesthetics, who work with medical professionals in various settings rang ... Read More

Now Trending: The Risk of Smelling Good

Everywhere you turn, hundreds of synthetic chemicals--also known as fragrances--fill the air. Look around your house and most likely you will find a bottle of perfume, baby lotion, deodorant, air fres ... Read More

Now Trending: Is lack of sleep making you look old?

It’s pretty common knowledge that a sufficient amount of sleep is the key to success. Too little sleep leads to weight gain, brain fog, over eating, and irritability, among other things, but did you ... Read More

Now Trending: 8 Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage Massage

What is Lymphatic Drainage Anyway? During our esthetics program, our students learn the technique of manual lymphatic drainage for the face and neck. See a short video here. Since this technique ... Read More

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