Branding Yourself in a Meaningful Way

Branding Yourself in a Meaningful Way

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Spa marketing and business development is tough in this industry because the competition is fierce. You’re not the only makeup artist, massage therapist or medical spa professional out there. But each one of you shares the same vision, to land that perfect job or start your very own business. But where do you start when the 30 students that stand next to you want the exact same thing?

Here are a few things you can do to make yourself stand out from a crowd.

Find a mentor with a business mindset. Finding a mentor in the early stages of your career can be a game changer come graduation day. Networking is key. Connect with your instructors because they are the key to knowledge. They can connect you with people in the industry.

Another great way to meet people is to attend workshops and seminars and make it a goal to come back with one connection.

Then there’s always LinkedIn. Explore the social media site and find someone in your field that you admire and make it a point to meet them virtually. Make it realistic and local. You want to have them within reach when questions arise. Remember, a good mentor will give you all the tools needed while being your number one cheerleader.

Produce compelling content and share it. I’m not telling you to launch your own website, yet, but think about it for the future. A simple blog that is full of client stories, Q&A’s with experts and latest trends in skincare is a smart investment. Once your website is up and running it doesn’t have to take much time to maintain. WIX, Weebly and WordPress are some great blog options to look at. Not a writer? Find a free or cheap freelancer. You’ll be surprised how many students are fighting for a chance to write to get their name out there.

Don’t forget social media. Facebook and Instagram are your friends. You may have boycotted social media in your personal life, but if you want your career to take off, you must join the billions of people using Facebook daily.

Last, but not least, when your website is up and running and your social media outlets are increasing in followers think about sending a monthly newsletter that highlights your top two to three stories of the month.

Enroll in NASI’s Business Basics to Build Your Brand Class. At NASI, currently licensed estheticians are encouraged to sign up for our business class. The six-hour CEU class focuses on ways to build your business without investing a lot of time and money, all while increasing your social media following.