Now Trending: Becoming a Med Spa Professional

Now Trending: Becoming a Med Spa Professional

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Becoming a Med Spa Professional

Medical estheticians are trained individuals, licensed in esthetics and certified in medical aesthetics, who work with medical professionals in various settings ranging from plastic surgery and dermatology to medical spas.

The growing popularity of medical spas is becoming prominent across the country because it offer clients minimally invasive skin treatments, something traditional spas do not. Over the last few years, Americans have spent more money on non-invasive cosmetic procedures than ever before making the medical spa grow in popularity. Medical estheticians (sometimes called medical aestheticians) are becoming a vital addition to the growth of this niche field.

With goal-oriented treatments, medical estheticians deliver procedures that improve skin conditions, and even turn back signs of aging. Some of the most challenging conditions–such as acne and wrinkle– are targeted and specific treatment plans are put into place. Frequently, these plans require recurring visits making the esthetician a valuable resource.

From the intake to the post care, an esthetician is there for the client every step of the way. Because they have more contact with clients, they are able to build strong, long lasting relationships which leads to an increase in productivity and higher retention rates.

Education is Key

In order to get into the med spa field, proper training is must. Administering chemical peels, working with laser therapy and practicing microdermabrasion all require proper training and advanced education.

At NASI, current licensed estheticians are encouraged to register for our Clinical Aesthetics program that focuses on building a career in a medical setting. In 70 hours, our highly specialized instructors teach the theory of multiple procedures and present students with opportunities for hands-on activities.
If you are a prospective student looking to enroll into an esthetics program, you can rest assured knowing that at NASI you’ll cover everything esthetics field gets to offer, including Clinical Aesthetics module, as a part of your curriculum.