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What is CIDESCO?

Do you want to be a CIDESCO Diploma Holder? Some professionals may have heard of CIDESCO but many do not know what it is. What is CIDESCO? For those that do not know much about CIDESCO or for ... Read More

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How to Say Goodbye to Flaky, Dry Skin this Winter!

I don't know about anyone else but one of the most annoying things about winter is how dry and flaky my skin gets from the freezing cold weather and forced heat. I can't put on my makeup nicely be ... Read More

Now Trending: Sheet Mask Hype

So whats all the hype about sheet masks? Are you on trend? Sheet masks are predicted to see a HUUUUGE growth in 2017 with sales increasing 60% over the last couple of years. Read on to learn more ... Read More

So you registered for school. Now what?

Make the most out of your new career as soon as you start school. Here are 5 tips to starting your career the right way BEFORE you even get handed your diploma. DEVELOP YOUR PROFESSIONAL IMAGE BE PU ... Read More